Nitto B259AA Recall FAQs

  1. Why is Euro Asia Imports conducting this recall?
    Engineers at Nitto identified a potential issue with the design of the handlebars, such that the handlebars could break when used on fixed gear bicycles for "trick" or stunt riding. Such handlebar failure may lead to a loss of control and could result in a crash.
  2. What Nitto handlebars are subject to this recall?
    Only the B259AA "riser" bar in aluminum is being recalled.
  3. Didn't Nitto make the B259 in steel also? Are those being recalled?
    Yes, Nitto makes the B259 "riser" bar in stainless steel. The stainless steel bars are not being recalled. Only the aluminum Nitto B259AA is being recalled.
  4. My bike has riser bars. How can I tell if they are subject to this recall?
    Look for a "Nitto" stamp next to the stem clamp. Then look for a "B259" stamp on the end of the bar. Finally, check that ends are open. Stainless steel bars have capped ends. Open ends are found on the aluminum bars.
  5. I have Nitto B259AA bars on my bike and I don't do tricks or stunts. My bars seem fine. Can I just keep using them?
    No. Even though your bars appear to be safe, we are asking all owners to immediately stop using the bars and participate in the recall by returning the handlebar to us for a free replacement.
  6. I have Nitto B259AA bars on my bike. How do I participate in this recall?
    Call us at 1-888-662-1814 and we will arrange to ship you a box and return label for you to send your B259AA bar back to us. Once we receive your old B259AA bar, we will then immediately send you a new replacement B260AA bar, at no cost to you.
  7. I bought my bike used from a friend. Can I still get a replacement for the handlebar?
    Yes, if you have a Nitto B259AA bar, send it back for a free replacement. We don't require an original sales receipt.
  8. How long will it take for me to receive the replacement?
    We will ship a replacement to you the same day we receive your recalled B259AA bar. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but rest assured that we are working to conduct this recall as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  9. Will I be able to install the new replacement bar myself?
    Yes. We will include complete installation instructions with your new replacement bar, as well as a telephone number to call if you have questions about replacing your bar.